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We are not a large firm and we do not cater to hundreds of clients as is done by large firms where the client becomes a number for them and they have a pre-defined approach for everyone. We give special attention to each and every client and tailor the portfolio to client’s need, risk comfort, and his longterm financial goals.

A client’s satisfaction is the currency we live by. Therefore, we spend time in understanding his life plans, and investment preferences. You will experience the difference it makes to have someone who understands your needs and cares for your financial health when you invest with us.

The core team has 20+ years of industry experience

We believe every client is unique, and thus are the solutions they need

We do not chase returns

We believe in seeing a client through difficult situations and constantly adapting to the changing environment and client’s personal and financial circumstances

We believe the journey of investment is also the journey of positive behaviour change

We help you to develop healthy financial habits, and discipline to make informed decisions

We provide holistic approach with asset allocation as the centre

We help you attain financial freedom

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Maitri Modi

Maitri Modi


Maitri is amongst a few Certified Financial Planners (CFP) in this country. Maitri has worked in financial services industry for more than 20 years. She was Vice President at Kotak Mahindra Bank for 15 years as Investment Specialist for High Networth Individuals.

She was responsible for clients across multiple states in India. Maitri earned her MBA in finance from Nirma University and EDP in Portfolio Management from IIM-Bangalore.


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AMFI- registered Mutual Fund Distributor

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